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2 thoughts on “Photo Uploads”

  1. Can’t wait to see everyone at mazezilla in 2015 it is fun working at the mazezilla i love my job there I have the best bosses is Darlene and sturat they are the best amazing owners can’t wait to see aunt steph chad Leah and others so happy to go back on my 4 year working at mazezilla Darlene is my lunch buddy every single day

  2. Can’t wait for 2017 theme is I am so excited to work this year at mazeilla corn maze. Omg so excited waiting for the new schedule out for the maze. Can’t wait for the maze to open I am gonna work my butt off this year and make mazeilla family proud of me We are there for everyone who works at mazeilla corn maze. And we are so working machine of passing those tickets to different family and friends Can’t wait to see Darlene and Stuart I miss them and love them

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